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e•qo•go (ee-ko-go) n.

a.the world's first transparency engine

b.a trusted place for values-minded shoppers to compare products' social, environmental, quality, governance, and origin data.

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What is the score?

The "EQ score" means the excellence quotient - this is the unique product score Eqogo builds from the Social, Environmental, and Quality attributes a brand shares publicly about its efforts. We take all of those scoreable attributes and compare them to other products within its category so we can easily see who truly is best.

Example of scoring rings

Why a score? - because product attributes matter.

Icon for social criteria


labor practices and animal testing

Icon for enviro criteria


materials, manufacturing, energy, and distribution

Icon for quality criteria


warranties and engineering standards

Icon for quality criteria

We work hard to rate and weigh all the key factors so you can focus on the values that matter most!

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What is Good to Know?

Well, a lot! The "GTKs", as we call it, expand beyond the product rating to cover everything a brand shares publicly about their Social, Environmental, Quality, Governance, and Origin attributes showcasing their initiatives to better their company, community, and world. We've expanded ESG to SEQGO!

Icon for social criteria


Impact on people and animals

Icon for enviro criteria


Programs for environmental benefit

Icon for quality criteria


Auditing and engineering standards

Icon for governance criteria


Policies, initiatives and oversight

Icon for origin criteria


Made in, designed in and assembled in

Buy from brands that share your values.

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Key Performance Indicator Impact - We help you measurably add value-based products to your inventory while reducing the labor required for research.


Outreach - We connect you to the expanding mindful marketplace by telling the story of your best practices.

Comparison - See how your products stack up against the competition.

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Eqogo believes that, transparency, strong auditing and sustainable initiatives build trust and make a measurable impact.

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