Pacific Pickle Works

Since 2001, Bradley Bennett has been making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family from his kitchen in Santa Barbara, California. Now he has created Pacific Pickle Works so that you can enjoy them too!

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Pacific Pickle Works Mighty Bold Bloody Mary Deluxe Kit

This is the ultimate Bloody Mary bar kit.


Pacific Pickle Works Pickles Under the Ginfluence

Lightly gin soaked and seasoned with fresh rosemary and jalapeños, these tongue tingling dills will send your tastebuds to another level.


Pacific Pickle Works Michelada Shrub

Transport yourself back to that beach in Mexico where you had your first Michelada with this simple tart & spicy mixture.


Pacific Pickle Works Unbeetables

Pickled beets with unbeetable heat!


Pacific Pickle Works Pickle Brine

We now are bottling our famous spicy and zesty pickle juice in 8 and 16oz bottles so you'll always have some on hand.


Pacific Pickle Works Cauli-Flower Power

This pickled cauliflower is a totally groovy and far out taste experience!


Pacific Pickle Works Three Pickle Variety Pack

Get all three of Pacific Pickle Works' pickle varieties in one attractive gift box. If you are a pickle lover, this set is for you!


Pacific Pickle Works Brussizzle Sprouts

Try a taste of these semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts and you won't be able to put the jar down!


Pacific Pickle Works Bread & Buddhas

These semi-sweet and tangy pickle chips are simply seasoned with onion, peppercorns, mustard seed and a touch of jalapeño and will add just the perfect zest and crunch to any sandwich.


Pacific Pickle Works Stokra

These are just good old fashioned hot pickled okra. Eat them straight from the jar, or serve them on a platter at a party.


Pacific Pickle Works Mother's Puckers

These Mother's Puckers will take you back to a classic deli-style garlic sour pickle.


Pacific Pickle Works Fenn Shui

We pickle these sliced pieces of fennel root in a rice vinegar based brine and accent them delicately with ginger, citrus zest and a touch of thai chiles.


Pacific Pickle Works Mixed Case of Savory Cocktail Mixers

This mixed case of 8oz bottles of savory cocktail mixers will give you a good stock of gift items you can use as host gifts for parties, or just to stock up your own bar.


Pacific Pickle Works Bloody Mary Elixir Mini Pack

This 3-pack of small 2oz bottles of Bloody Mary Elixir is a perfect gift, stocking stuffer or airplane travel companion!


Pacific Pickle Works Spicy Gift Pack

If you are someone who likes a little heat in their pickles, then this is your pick!


Pacific Pickle Works Carriots of Fire

These pickled carrots will light your torch!


Pacific Pickle Works ¡Ay Cukarambas!

These dill-icious spicy pickled cucumber quarters make a great accompaniment to a sandwich or can be eaten just straight from the jar!


Pacific Pickle Works Sweet and Savory Gift Pack

This gift set brings all things that are just a little bit sweet and savory into one package.


Pacific Pickle Works Jalabeaños

These spicy pickled green beans are the winner of the 2015 Good Food Award!


Pacific Pickle Works Lemon Verbena "Hop-Pickles"

This truly unique pickle is the result of a purely local collaboration between Pure Order Brewing Co. and Pacific Pickle Works.


Pacific Pickle Works Bloody Mary Elixir

This is the original award winning secret sauce that will help you make your own perfectly seasoned Bloody Marys at home every time.


Pacific Pickle Works Mighty Bold Bloody Mary Starter Kit

Think of this as an emergency brunch preparedness kit. You will never be caught without the proper ingredients to make a tasty Bloody Mary.


Pacific Pickle Works Asparagusto!

These pickled asparagus spears come with a kick!


Pacific Pickle Works West Coast Cocktail Mixers Gift Set

This 3-pack of savory cocktail mixers is a perfect gift, a classy addition to a cocktail party, or a gateway to that bartending career you've always wanted.


Pacific Pickle Works Specialty Pickled Veggies Gift Pack

This deluxe gift set includes all of our specialty gourmet pickled items in one package.

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